Apple Closely Watches Time Warner For Buyout

There have been rumors regarding Apple's plans to launch its very own TV streaming service. And to bolster its efforts, Cupertino may be keeping a close eye on American cable telecommunications company Time Warner, which is now facing strong pressure from its investor to put itself up for a buyout.

According to recent reports, Apple is following the situation with the American cable company closely to acquire it for boosting the long-rumored TV streaming service from Cupertino. Investors believe that the stocks of Time Warner are trading far below what its asset value is, and a buyout or a spinoff of some sort would seem to be the best option.

Cupertino can use Time Warner to further accelerate its push in launching a digital streaming cable service that can be used for its Apple TV. Time Warner holds a plethora of content from its library, and this includes the most popular shows such as 'Game of Thrones.' Moreover, CNN news, which also happens to be watched closely, can further Apple's reaches easily. Furthermore, it even has deals in place with every channel that Cupertino requires to make a full TV platform.

However, although there's a chance that Apple could potentially acquire the entirety of Time Warner, the company based in New York may simply end up only spinning off parts of its business.

Reports suggest that head of Apple's Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue is watching the events closely, and Apple would likely jump on at the second should the opportunity opens up. Apple had partnered with Time Warner subsidiary HBO before, so a business relationship has already been established.

There have been circulating rumors that Apple could be working on a digital streaming TV cable service, and it even comes with a 'skinny' bundle that offers 30-40 channels for an affordable US$40 price tag. Reports suggest that the company had its goals set to launch its streaming service alongside the Apple TV 4. But due to delays, Apple's hand was forced and, therefore, launched its device as a stand-alone product.

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