Sony To Launch A Smart Light That Can Communicate With Multiple Devices

Japanese tech juggernaut Sony has always been known for its television and smartphone business, as well as its gaming console products. As of late, however, the company has been dipping its toes in the smart home market as it unveils a new smart light dubbed as the "Multifunctional Light."

Sony's Multifunctional Light is a connected light fixture that is capable of performing a multitude number of functions. As unimaginative its name is, it comes with sensors for detecting temperature, humidity and luminance, and it can even sense if anyone is at home to instantly turn on the television, control the ACand play music as well.

The company also says that it can also work as an intercom system. Furthermore, it can output a full spectrum of light to fit the mood of anyone in the living room. The technology is designed with Toshiba's LED technology. Moreover, when a user connects a smartphone or other Wi-Fi enabled device, the Multifunctional Light can be remotely activated or set up remotely, similar to how users would with other smart bulbs. While it does come with a microSD card slot, Sony has not yet detailed its functions. However, built-in microSD card slots would tend to be used for playing and recording audio, as it's usually the case for such.

The smart home industry is tipped to become a multi-billion dollar market in the near future, and Sony's Multifunctional Light can bolster it further. The fixture will be launching in Japan this year, but it will remain exclusive to the country for the first half of the year. Pricing and further details remain to be officially released, however. While that doesn't necessarily contradict the possibility that it's going to appear in the West, there are no indications as of yet if it will indeed come outside of Japan. 

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