New Patent Application Shows Apple Watch Transformations

Apple has been one of the key innovators, and the company has been one to step up its game when it comes to technology. As another proof of it, a patent application by Cupertino published today reveals an interesting idea about innovative variations that an Apple Watch can do on a user's wrist with a magnetically closed Milanese Loop.

'Wristwatches generally include a housing having a display with a transparent cover disposed over a display that provides among other things time of day information to a user. Common display covers include glass, mineral glass crystal, sapphire or even diamond,' reads a portion of the patent for its related art. However, when it is removed, the wristwatch is subject to wear and tear, damage, dings, cracks and damage.

The patent shows that by using magnet orientations, the band can intelligently transform itself into a protective case that's ideal for travelling. It can also change into a stand on a bedside table or desk, and it can even make itself as an accessory for a Macbook.

In its standard configuration, the band would be held closed similar to how a Milanese Loop appears. However, it would also be possible for the band to roll to make an upright desk stand. Furthermore, it can even wrap the band around the Watch to make a protective case for use whenever the device is kept tucked away.

Furthermore, with its magnets, it can attach to other devices as well. Based on the images, it can be attached to the Apple MacBook, an iMac or even a refrigerator.

However, reports suggest that since Macs are known to be built with aluminum, a magnet can't stick to it normally. As such, the new attachment concept would require matching magnets or at least a ferrous metal plate in the Mac itself so that it can be attached.

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