Microsoft Unveils An Education Edition Of 'Minecraft'

It goes without saying that 'Minecraft' is easily one of the most popular cross-platform games to hit the industry for kids and adults alike. However, Microsoft doesn't just want its players to journey into the deepest caverns and vast plains the game presents, or create their own world as they see fit. As such, the software giant has just announced a new version of the game designed for schools dubbed as 'Minecraft: Education Edition.'

At the moment, the changes present in the new version aren't that all big. 'Minecraft: Education Edition' would seem the same 'Minecraft' that has been enjoyed by its players for years. However, it does come with a couple of new, extra features that are designed for ease of use. One great inclusion is a mapping feature that will allow a class to actually find its way around and further explore places, as well as letting teachers select specific resources for them to use. There's also an in-game camera as well as a scrapbook that can handle screenshots for collecting where its users have been to.

Microsoft emphasizes that it isn't detracting too far from the nature of 'Minecraft' with the education edition because it isn't something specifically designed as a straight education product. It's still a game so to speak, and it's something that the kids would love to pick up and use. It does, however, have certain new features that are designed for the classroom.

Alongside the education edition of the game, Microsoft has also launched a website that is designed for educators as a convenient place to submit the worlds and lesson plans that can go along with the game. 'Minecraft encourages millions of players to create, explore, and discover. We want to bring that passion into the classroom. Join us as we create a Minecraft built for learning,' the webpage reads.

'Minecraft: Education Edition' is pegged for a summer release, and it's only the start of the company's plans in building 'Minecraft' for schools.  

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