Rise of Medical Robots: You May Now Consult A Robot Doctor Via A Mobile App

With the advent of robotics in healthcare and other related industries, the height of artificial intelligence has likewise been observed as "rapidly increasing". In fact, a recent report on a certain "robot doctor" mobile app that is able to raise funds amounting to US$25 million -- intended for predicting one's future health.

Led by a Swedish investment group, AB Kinnevik, the said fund-raising activity has been tagged as the "largest series of its kind in European digital healthcare" ever. This initiative is aimed towards "securing new investments to develop a version powered by artificial intelligence" -- hiring scientists, computer specialists and robotics engineers.

U.K. pharmaceutical startup Babylon Health, building an artificially intelligent doctor, enabled mobile app users to consult a doctor via a mobile app. “We can use artificial intelligence to start predicting the future of your health," chief executive Ali Parsa said. “I genuinely believe Britain has a great chance to be a global leader in digital health."

More so, it was reiterated that Babylon "did not want to replace doctors with machines" but only intends to create another artificial intelligence initiative. Such AI will have an ability to offer and act as a screening service as it also directs "patients to human professionals when necessary."

According to him, the team was trying to figure out a way to get most of the healthcare people need straight to them on their mobile phone. He also mentioned that the primary aim was, in fact, to do with healthcare what Google did with information. 

Launched in February last year, this mobile app has an ability to decode symptoms and prevent illnesses before they actually occur. Closely monitoring your daily habits and integrating data about your heart rate, diet and your medical records, the system also allows users to "have a video conference with one of 100 doctors employed by the company full-time." 

iTechPost has also reported on the future of artificial intelligence in various professions and industries -- including robotics, information and technology, foodservice, healthcare and hospitality. Hence, astrophysicist Stephen Hawkings has recently warned the public, "Humanity generally faces larger threats from the advancements made in science and technology."

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