Huawei To Enter The PC Market

The mobile spectrum has become overcrowded that it has become a tough spot for budding manufacturers to survive, much more thrive in. However, the biggest names currently in the industry show no signs of stopping, and it has led Chinese tech giant Huawei to think that the PC industry can be conquered.

Recent reports have been circulating lately regarding Huawei's purported dual OS hybrid with both Android and Windows 10 in tow. This could mean that the company is the next in line to join in the PC front, as it plans out to compete with other manufacturers to produce complex devices such as hybrids, ultraportables and convertibles.

Although it would seem unlikely from the company, considering that Huawei is putting its efforts in standing at the top of the Android race. However, according to industry sources, the Chinese handset manufacturer is planning to enter the consumer PC business. The company had filed for trademark the 'MateBook' name, therefore sparking several speculations and rumors that Huawei is indeed entering the PC scene.

Details are still sparse, however, but the MateBook in question would in essence be the dual OS hybrid that has been the subject of news as of late. In turn, this would allow the company to effectively compete against the most renowned devices such as the venerable Microsoft Surface lineup and the reputable Asus Transformer offerings. The moniker further suggests that it can also be put in direct competition with Apple's MacBook, seeing as the name strikes some sort of resemblance and form.

Naturally, every rumour should be addressed with a grain of salt, but it's also important to note that Xiaomi, which also happens to be a Chinese handset manufacturer, has been in the news as of late with its planned laptop that will most likely come out soon. Definitely, smartphone OEMs have been stepping up their games as they take on new markets outside their comfort zones.

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