The Special Edition iPhone SE Is One Of Apple’s Best Ever Mobile Devices

Apple iPhone SE, the Special Edition iPhone, is one of the company's best despite its small size.

With the launch of the iPhone SE, Apple has chosen to go smaller, while many smartphone makers prefer to focus on super-sized phablets. The iPhone SE was designed as a younger sibling to the Apple flagship iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

But despite the smaller size comparing with other Apple mobile devices, the iPhone SE is a powerful gadget. On the inside it's all iPhone 6, while on the outside it looks inspired from the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone SE comes with a retro looks, and a boxier iPhone 5 aesthetic. But even if it doesn't look like the latest line of Apple iPhones, the SE still has a premium feel. While it looks like a 5s, the iPhone SE features the same matte aluminum finish as the Apple Watch and the iPhones 6/6s.

According to NetGuide, Apple's smaller iPhone SE is aimed at users who prefer a smaller and cheaper phone. Its smaller body comes with a key benefit. The phone can be easily used with just one hand and it is very practical. Another advantage of the iPhone SE is that the device is also lighter that the 6s.

Aside their different exterior design, the differences between Apple's iPhone 6s and iPhone SE are minor. They consist of a slower Touch ID sensor and a lack of 3D Touch. For many users this isn't really a big deal.

The iPhone SE can capture 4K video, having the same rear 12 MP camera as the iPhone 6s. Its front camera is also similar to the iPhone 6s, except it doesn't provide Auto HDR. The iPhone SE features 1080p at 120fps slow-mo, Live Photo, support for LTE Advanced as well as fast MIMO Wi-Fi. The phone comes with the same A9 CPU as iPhone 6s but only in 16GB or 64GB versions.

According to Business Today, thanks to the low-resolution display and the smaller form factor in comparison to the iPhone 6s, another advantage of the iPhone SE is its longer battery life. A fully charged SE can last a full day even with some pretty heavy use. Compact sized yet power packed, the iPhone SE is definitely one of Apple's best.

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