Ubisoft To Punish Players Using Glitch In ‘The Division’ Game

As Ubisoft is struggling with reportedly widespread use of exploits and hacking, the game developer studio announced that players who exploit in-game glitches could be "punished."

Ars Technica reports that many players of "The Division" complain on subreddit and game's official forums about the widespread use of hacks and cheats in the Dark Zone. Unscrupulous players can teleport directly behind opposing teams, shoot through walls and kill the competition with a single shot.

There are widespread problems with both active external game hacking and in-game glitches. It's currently unclear if or how the game developer Ubisoft of "The Division" can detect and fix such issues.

Any efforts to rebalance by removing ill-gotten gains or to reset the servers to an earlier point would have a massive impact on the state of the player base. Ubisoft could risk affecting legitimate players with such moves. But at this point, the game developer of "The Division" is definitely aware of the problem.

Community manager Natchai has declared in a number of threads on the official Ubisoft forums that using exploits is against company's Code of Conduct and their team is analyzing ways to discourage these actions and to punishment those players who have exploited. Ubisoft's Code of Conduct states explicitly that it is forbidden to exploit any new or known issues or bugs and such actions may "result in account suspension or revocation."

Natchai also added in the forums that Ubisoft is seeking ways "to act lot more strongly towards players who use exploits." According to the community manager, players who use in-game glitches in "The Division" may face "punishment," despite the fact that this tactic did not involve modifying the game or actively hacking.

These measures are related to the latest glitch exploited by "The Division" players. Last week was introduced an anticipated game update called "Falcon Lost" that leaves the possibility of an unfair exploit.

"Falcon Lost" is the game's first raid-like multiplayer "incursion" designed to provide this loot just once a week. However, in practice things work different. Players have discovered a glitch shortly after "Falcon Lost" launched. The glitch lets players finishing the incursion in around 20 minutes and collecting the loot again every single time.

Not everyone agrees that Ubisoft should punish players taking advantage of the "Falcon Lost" glitch. For instance, the analyst Alexander Pan argues in the online publication GameRant that actually Ubisoft should take the fall for the glitch.

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