Upgraded Sony 'Neo' PS4.5 To Feature Better Graphics And Smoother Games

Sony's upgraded "Neo" PS4.5/PS4K will reportedly feature improved RAM, GPU and CPU, to provide better graphics and smoother game playing capabilities.

According to the online publication GameSpot, there were rumors back in March that Sony is working on an upgraded PS4. Now GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb reports that the "PS4.5" features better specs and is codenamed "Neo". The Neo will come with faster memory, improved GPU and faster processor clock speed.

Games will ship with two different modes: one for the current PS4 and one for the upgraded console. In order to increase and stabilize frame rates, the Neo mode will utilize the superior hardware. The PS4.5 console while also offer higher resolutions, supporting a 4K output.

The new Sony console will not replace the PS4, despite the upgrades. The Neo will exist alongside the PS4. Sony won't let developers offer exclusive options for Neo players and there will be no Neo-only games.

Sony's documentation reportedly states that both versions of the console will continue to use the same PlayStation Store. Players using the PS4.5 Neo and the original PS4 will be able to play on PlayStation Network alongside each other.

The Verge reports that Sony's Neo would be released before the launch of PS VR headset in October. The increased processing power and graphic capabilities of the "PS4.5" will facilitate running on the gaming console hardware-intensive VR games.

Sony has yet to confirm the rumors about the upgraded Neo PS4.5. No price tag has been released for the new Sony Neo console yet, but according to previous reports the device could retail for the original price of the "base" PS4, $399.

Other reports speculate that an upgraded console would drive this price down further. Gamers would have the choice between the newer-but-more-expensive Neo and the cheaper, older console. But  it is expected that the advantages offered by higher frame rates provided by the new Neo will attract more gamers who prefer multiplayer-modes toward the new console.

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