Razer Finally Launches Its Turret Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Razer finally launches on the market its Turret wireless keyboard and mouse combo at a price tag of $160.

The game gadgets manufacturing company revealed that several gaming products geared for the living room rather than the usual aim for laptops and desktops back in CES 2015. According to SlashGear, since then only the Forge TV Android TV console and its matching Serval controller were actually released on the market.

That changes today with Razer finally launching the Turret wireless keyboard and mouse combo, specifically designed for gaming on your couch and to be used on your lap. As announced on RazerZone, the Turret living room gaming lapboard and mouse  combo "enables high-performance wireless PC Gaming from the couch."

The super-cool wireless combo is available now to purchase on Razer's online store. The Turret combo combines a Bluetooth mouse, a gaming-grade backlit chicklet keyboard and a slick fold-out magnetic mousepad.

Couch gaming with a keyboard and mouse is certainly an unconventional way to play, since game controllers are usually the gamers' choice when it comes to "lean back" gaming. But with the divide between PCs and gaming consoles slowly blurring, some gamers out there might prefer a PC-like input such a keyboard and a mouse.

Of course, wireless keyboards and mice do exist, but the difference is that Razor designed its Turret combo with this specific mode of gaming in mind. With the Razer Turret, the keyboard itself becomes the "lapboard," that board you can place on your lap.

The keyboard also features a foldable flat area to the right where you can place the mouse. When the mouse is not needed, users can fold away that part. The magnetic surface on the mouse mat area ensures keeping the mouse from falling off.

According to Android Police, the Turret can operate with the included 2.4GHz USB adapter or over Bluetooth. The USB adapter allows connectivity with any Android tablet, Android TV device, or Windows PC.

At a price of $160, the Turret combo keeps in line with Razor's premium image. For some consumers it might seem as an extravagance, but for PC gaming fans could make a tempting investment in a living room setup.

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