Xbox Rumors: Is Microsoft Planning Launch of Two Upgraded Consoles After E3?

Microsoft has recently listed two projects entitled 1682 and 1683 with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), hinting that the Redmond-headquartered tech titan is developing a new Xbox hardware.

Since the FCC is an independent US organization regulating radio, television, wire as well as satellite, all new hardware from Microsoft needs to be passed by them before making any official announcement regarding them. In terms of game consoles, it is necessary to get the approval for all wireless adapters and even other devices for the consoles ahead of their release, Games Radar reported.

The news come in the wake of recent comments by head honcho Phil Spencer at the Build 2016 event of Microsoft regarding the potential upgradable consoles from the tech behemoth. Keeping this in view, it would be prudent to believe that the filings spotted in FCC are possibly related to a potential console upgrade path instead of an entire new console.

The latest FCC listing, which was first spotted by NeoGAF user ekim, revealed a device dubbed as "Model 1683," and the filing for the model suggest that it will be available with "User Manual 1525." Interestingly enough, the "User Manual 1525" is actually the safety sheet of "Xbox One and Kinetic Sensor Product Manual" that comes along with the current Xbox One.

In other words, it is an indication that a latest Xbox One version is likely to be released soon containing a new wireless chip along with the same safety information card that the buyer gets with Xbox One. Nevertheless, the external images of the purported device, in addition to the contents of the User Manual 1525 for this version have been kept securely locked up until June 25 - the week following Microsoft's E3 2016 conference.

On the other hand, Microsoft has registered a second model - "Model 1682," with the FCC, but this one does not make any mention of the User Manual 1525, suggesting that it is pertaining to a device with a possibly bigger change to the setup. The date for Model 1682 has been set for July 29, a month after the availability of Model 1683, Trusted Reviews reported.

Although these suggest that Microsoft may announce a set of new consoles soon after E3 2016, as of now they are mere speculations. Nevertheless, appearance of such project would go with the rumors regarding PS4K and Xbox 1.5, which have been circulating on the Internet these days.

It is expected that Microsoft will make further announcements in this regard its E3 press conference, scheduled for 4:30PM GMT on Monday, June 13.

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