PlayStation NEO Specs and Features: Better Gameplay, Crossplay, VR Capability

It now seems that the rumors related to PS4.5 are coming true as Sony is reportedly in the process of developing a new game console dubbed as PlayStation NEO. If the latest reports are to be believed, the Japanese multinational consumer electronics manufacturer will start shipping the new console sometime this October.

While Sony is yet to make an official announcement regarding the launch of PlayStation NEO, it is likely to come with a $399 price tag, Giantbomb reported. It is expected that the purported PS4.5 or PlayStation NEO will come with a number of upgraded features, compared to the existing PS4.

In terms of specs of the PlayStation NEO, it is being rumored that the console will come with upgraded CPU, GPU and an augmented internal memory bandwidth. It is believed that the main reason for launching the PlayStation NEO is to introduce PS Virtual Reality as well as make the device competent to deliver interesting video games that can be played at 4K resolution. However, none of these specs have been confirmed by the Japanese tech titan yet.

Meanwhile, it is interesting to note that Sony has stressed that all PS4 games will henceforth ship in both a standard PS4 version as well as the unrated PlayStation NEO configuration. This suggests that some games will be exclusively for PlayStation NEO.

Sony is not launching the PlayStation NEO to replace its current flagship console PlayStation 4. On the other hand, the company aims to generate an environment that will enable the current PS4 gamers to harmoniously play NEO adopters, iDigital Times reported. In fact, both NEO as well as the PS4 will make use of the same online community and they will have access to the same game titles available on the PSN store. In addition, people using PS4 can also expect to transfer all their digital purchases to NEO too.

As far as the VR feature is concerned, Giantbomb suggests that the shared online play for the standard PS4 as well as NEO also means that both the platforms will receive the same peripheral support, counting virtual reality. It is unlikely that NEO will have exclusive VR games.

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