Startup To Launch Specialized 'Military-Grade' Smartphone

A startup called Sirin announced its plans to design a ultra-secure smartphone aimed primarily at executives.

According to the online publication Ubergizmo, the debate going on about security and privacy made many users to wonder just how secure their devices are. In this context, Sirin is working to create its specialized "military-grade" secure smartphone that will help executives hold secret company and financial information.

Android and Samsung provide built-in encryption as well. However, world leaders and high-ranking executives can't trust normal security measures.

Sirin is not the first smartphone manufacturing company with such plans. Before companies like Google and Apple to win a larger share on the market, BlackBerry also used to offer high-security devices. More recently, a device called Blackphone 2 came to bring similar protection.

Sirin new startup has recently entered the entering the super high-end, super-secure smartphone market, after a fundraising seed round that gathered about $72 million. The company has ties to both Israel and Britain.

Sirin Labs AG has announced that they will design a highly specialized smartphone with special hardware and software security features. According to Android Headlines, Sirin co-founder and president Moshe Hogeg said that their smartphone will bring the most-advanced technology available combined "with almost military-grade security."

Hogeg added that the company's smartphone will get an edge in security over other phones by including elements that may not be "commercially available." The idea to develop the secure smartphone for executives came from investor Kenges Rakishev's phone being hacked.

Rakishev approached Hogeg and asked him to come with a solution for a more secure smartphone. After Hogeg started to work on the idea, Rakishev offered funding. Singulariteam, Hogeg's own investment capital firm and Renren, a Chinese social network, also funded the project.

Sirin did not unveil yet the name of its upcoming device. Its price will be just under $20,000, so obviously this doesn't cater to the average user.

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