Review Of Dark Souls III Game

The "Dark Souls III" game title, the latest installment of the "Dark Souls" fantasy franchise, is also its best. The game is deep, rich and complex, offering players a rewarding experience.

According to The Collegian, the "Demon's Souls", released in 2009 by FromSoftware, can be considered as the predecessor of the "Dark Souls" game series. Even if the game developer studio has never made a sequel of the "Demon's Souls" game title, the "Dark Souls" game series can be considered as its next installments in everything but name.

The next two games "Dark Souls" and "Dark Souls II" as well as the "Bloodborne" game title released in 2015, all share the same characters, game elements and basic storyline as "Demon's Souls." Then "Dark Souls III" can be technically considered as the fifth installment in the "Dark Souls" fantasy game franchise.

"Dark Souls III" is the greatest hits album for the game franchise. The latest installment is taking various elements from its predecessors and mixes them up into a well-made single package.

The game franchise features role-playing, action games famous for their level of difficulty. In this exciting game franchise failure is almost always the player's fault and victory is not easily earned.

In the latest installment of the game series each failure can be seen as a learning opportunity. Gamers are required to analyze what killed them, so they could learn from the mistakes they made. Knowledge acquisition is one of the essential skills in the "Dark Souls" game series.

The game features a dark atmosphere and a medieval post-apocalyptic aesthetic. The game's environments range from claustrophobic dungeons and poison-filled swamps to crumbling castle walls and massive cathedrals.

Gamers can enjoy in the "Dark Souls III" game's environment gorgeous graphics and an excellent aesthetic design. The game's sound design is top-notch as well.

According to The Guardian, the storyline is exciting as well. The latest installment in the "Dark Souls" fantasy series places players in the role of the Ashen One, an undead warrior who aims at restoring the order of Lothric's failing world. 

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