Review Of Nintendo's 'Star Fox Zero' Game

"Star Fox Zero" is a new Nintendo sci-fi adventure game title that gets mixed reviews. Some critics complain that the game is too difficult to play even if the publisher designed it with the aim to demonstrate the flexibility of its own Wii U hardware.

One thing that cannot be denied is the originality of "Star Fox Zero". The latest Nintendo Wii U game is unique, being inspired equally by "Star Wars" and cartoon serials.

According to the specialized gaming publication Kotaku, the main protagonist of the game is Fox McCloud. Gamers will play his role and the pilot their very own Arwing fighter. In a sci-fi adventure, you will be driving a tank or flying through various mission assignments.

Nintendo has revealed that the Wii U has a follow up console dubbed the NX.  Fans of the Wii U know that the console's days are numbered. However, the release of the "Star Fox Zero" game title aims to show that Wii U old gaming platform is still not at its end of life cycle.

According to Los Angeles Times, the game makes aggressively use of the GamePad, as well as the television screen. The game, however, requires very good coordination skills and this could make the game too much of a chore to play.

It's not easy to succeed at "Star Fox Zero". Some critics complain that winning the game is more luck-based than based on playing skills.

But not all is lost since "Star Fox Guard" spin-off game is great to play. "Star Fox Guard" encourages gamers to play together in the same room, like some other great Wii U games. It works best and provides the most fun when friends gather together.

The action is not so fast paced but the game is somehow more exciting. Gamers are assigned to protect a sort of intergalactic base depicted on the television screen. A grid-like view is created by multiple security cameras. Players can easily use the GamePad for various game tasks.

"Star Fox Zero" and "Star Fox Guard" are among the top game titles of the Wii U gaming platform. Both games are illustrating the capacities of Nintendo's Wii U gaming console that is already pretty old.

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