Spotify User Credentials Hacked, Account Information Appears Online

A nightmare has arrived to every Spotify account holder, as the popular music streaming service has been reportedly hacked. The users' credentials were believed to be breached days ago. However, the company denied all allegations and reiterated how secure their records are.

According to TechCrunch, almost all account credentials of Spotify users has been hacked. From usernames to emails to account types and passwords - all of this information appeared on the famous text storage website Pastebin.

The publication was able to confirm the breach after reaching out to some random samplings of Spotify users. In fact, the unfortunate even happened days ago without a single knowledge from the victim.

In addition to the abovementioned user credentials, the details posted on Pastebin also include information about subscription auto-renews as well as the exact country the account was created. Unfortunately, the list has not only covered the whole of the U.S., but has also reached a huge group of Spotify users from all over the globe.

It is worth nothing, though, that Spotify has encountered such event in the past. Hence it is only likely for people to assume that the said information was all but part of the previous data breach. In other words, the list could have been from previous Spotify hacked accounts, only they are still circulating.

CBC News, on the other hand, notes that people using the same Spotify login information on various sites are in deep trouble. The alleged Spotify data breach resulted to users' Uber, Skype and Facebook accounts, among others, also being compromised.

As of this writing, Spotify declined to comment further on the hacking incident. Nonetheless, they have previously stated about how secure their data security is and that Spotify users' credentials are guaranteed safe.

Are you a Spotify user too? Did you find any unusual activity in your account? What do you think about this recent hacking incident with Spotify? Be sure to let us know by using the comment section below!

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