'One Punch Man' Season 2 Lacks Manga Content, Release Date Delayed

Whenever there are talks about anime series and the alike, "One Punch Man" always runs wild in the competition. Fans all over the world are enthused to watch the popular anime on the small screen. However, it seems they have to continue playing the waiting game, as the second season is believed to be pushed back.

The journey of buddies Saitama and Genos proved to be a massive hit, as they got fans itching for the second season. A credible source of information for "One Punch Man" claimed that it will arrive in the very widespread animated programming block Toonami.

This has made every fan jump out of their seats, speculating the second season is only months away. But, as reported by Movie News Guide, The unfortunate postponement of the second season of "One Punch Man" is quite far from what is being speculated by viewers and fans alike.

The anime was moved because it failed to arrive at decent content quantity. That the anime must be heavily dependable with its manga version, which, in reality, is currently under works. After all, Japanese manga artist Yusuke Murata has been very clear about his aims to deliver the second season of the hit anime series in accordance with the manga version.

Design & Trend, meanwhile, cites that the phenomenal follow-up season of "One Punch Man" has a narrative line akin to that of Marvel's civil war. Saitama and Genos are expected to join an epic battle between the Hero Hunter and Hero Association.

The S-rank hero Blast, in particular, is also expected to pave his way through the sequel of "One Punch Man." Apart from that, the said character is deemed as the strongest character (or hero in a sense) in the fictional universe of "One Punch Man."

Without doubt, "One Punch Man" Season 2 shall definitely arrive in due time, but of course, no one knows when except the author. So as long as there is no official announcement that Genos and Saitama are back for good, it is better to re-watch the first season.

Currently, there is no assigned certified release date for the said anime, although there are rumors about it being released on early 2017.

Are you also stoked for Saitama's return? Who do you want the one-punch hero Saitama to face next season? What does Blast look like? C'mon - let your thoughts be heard in the comment section below!

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