Disney Makes Deal With Nokia Aimed To Increase Its Virtual Reality Production

The Walt Disney Studios made an agreement with Nokia Technologies to use the new Nokia OZO VR camera, associated software and support for creating movie-related virtual reality experiences.

According to Hollywood Reporter, among the Disney movies that would use the new OZO 3D virtual reality camera are included Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm titles. The two companies did not disclose more details about their agreement.

On Monday, April 25, Nokia Technologies announced on its company website that the deal signed with The Walt Disney Studios will allow the movie maker company to create special virtual reality (VR) content for a range of Disney films. The first Disney movie that took advantage of the technology provided by Nokia's OZO VR camera was "The Jungle Book" released earlier this month. The footage featured an interview with the cast published on Facebook and two 360-degree videos on the Red Carpet premiere, also uploaded on Facebook.

The professional OZO VR camera has been launched in the United States in November, with a price tag of $60,000. The expensive device caters to professional filmmakers and is capable of spherical and stereoscopic video capture.

The camera's video sensors feature a progressive scan with global stutter and eight built-in synchronized 2,000 x 2,000 audio sensors provide a spatial audio array. Each of the lenses provides 195 degrees angle view and the minimum image distance of the camera is 20 feet.

Nokia's OZO VR camera will allow Disney Studios to create cast interviews, behind-the-scenes content, a growing amount of narrative VR experiences and movie premiere coverage for studio films. According to Digital Trends, Ramzi Haidamus, president at Nokia Technologies, declared that the professional VR camera will also be used for co-branding content with Nokia.

Mr. Haidamus added that Nokia is thrilled to make available the new virtual reality technology to Disney. The Nokia OZA VR camera will help Disney Studios to create "immersive entertainment experiences."

Walt Disney Studios CTO Jamie Voris declared in a statement that their team is "very excited to collaborate with Nokia Technologies." He added that through virtual reality content Disney movies can transport the audience even further into the imaginary worlds they create.

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