Kaley Cuoco Drops 'Big Bang Theory' Penny Look, Teases Long Hair Transformation

Kaley Cuoco has adopted a new look! The actress has decided to drop the hairstyle that fans have associated as her "Penny look" in Season 9 of the hit series "Big Bang Theory."

Cuoco and other cast members of the TV show "Big Bang Theory" have recently wrapped up filming activities for the series' Season 9. To mark the event, Cuoco has decided to go for a new hairstyle to temporarily shed her character's persona. Loyal viewers of the "Big Bang Theory" would know that the Cuoco has been portraying the role of Penny since the show's Season .

The actress has even shared a picture of her hairstyle transformation on social media. Cuoco took to Instagram to post a snapshot of herself in a salon while a hair stylist added extensions to her hair, Us Weekly magazine reports. It appears that Cuoco has opted to add platinum blonde-colored hair extensions to her shoulder length tresses.

The "Big Bang Theory" star has also included a lengthy message on Instagram where she explained how it has been "very important" for her to change hairstyles after finishing filming activities for each season. "I love playing Penny, but it's good for me to bring it back to Kaley," Cuoco said.

She also recounted how she cut off her hair into a short bob after wrapping up the 2015 season of the "Big Bang Theory." However, Cuoco commented that she has decided to do the opposite in 2016. "With the extension master @faye.woods .... Stay tuned! (Can't wait to read all the negative comments lol)," she added.

Avid fans may recall that Cuoco has even added a pink hue to her short hair in May 2015. She also unveiled her short bobbed-look on Instagram at that time, according to People magazine. One of the actress' Instagram photos even included a shot of Cuoco with pink-colored eyebrows.

Meanwhile, Cuoco has revealed her new long-haired hairstyle on Instagram. She uploaded a photo of her platinum-dyed hair tips while retaining her blond hair highlights. She even complimented hair stylist Faye Woods, who handled the actress' latest hair style transformation. Cuoco wrote on Instagram, "@faye.woods epic color."

The actress' Instagram followers also commented on her new look. Some fans complimented Cuoco for her new hairstyle, while others mentioned that she also looked good with short hair. 

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