'Super Mario Maker' Video Game To Feature Babymetal

The Nintendo video game "Super Mario Maker" for the Wii U console has started to feature virtual representations of the Japanese sensation Babymetal since Thursday, April 28.

Nintendo announced the debut of the Event Course and new costume for its popular level creator, "Super Mario Maker," on the company's blog. The Mystery Mushroom costume is based on Japanese pop-metal band, Babymetal.

According to the online publication Loudwire, a downloadable "Mystery Mushroom" costume featuring the three band members Moametal, Yuimetal and Su-metal mashed together in unison. The costume has been only made available in Japan. It is unclear yet when the Babymetal characters will be available for rest of the world.

Once the main character Mario grabs the correct mushroom, he changes into Babymetal. Players will enjoy hearing their voices when they jump from platform to platform.

The "Mystery Mushroom" costume apparently is based on the same basic sprite structure that we saw in December. Back then came to SMM a Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam mashup, obviously with different sound effects and different skin.

According to Engadget, this is not the Babymetal trio's first appearance into video games. "Gimme Chocolate," the group's first single and breakout hit, is featured in a recent "Rock Band 4" DLC.

If it has been a while since one has played "Super Mario Maker," it is worth to check it again. Since lunch, the Nintendo video game has been updated with pretty much new content.

Meanwhile, Babymetal is touring in support of the latest released album titled "Metal Resistance." The music band made its first U.S. television appearance earlier this month, playing on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

Beginning May 7, in Philadelphia, Babymetal returns to the United States for a few concerts. The band will be back on July 7 in Los Angeles. On July 18 they will perform at the Alternative Press Music Awards in Columbus, Ohio, along with Yellowcard, Papa Roach, Beartooth, Good Charlotte and more.

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