WWE Payback 2016 Intercontinental Champion

"Awesome!" -- a renowned tagline from the current WWE Intercontinental Champion -- The Miz is once again proudly shouted and heard in the entire WWE world. Hello, WWE fans all around the world! It is WWE Payback 2016! The long-awaited match between The Miz and Cesaro is finally done. Guess who the winner is? It is The Miz!

The anticipated match has finally wrapped up. The Miz did not waste any minute in defeating the self-proclaimed "Professional" Cesaro. Despite Cesaro's shoulder injury, he managed to give The Miz one hell of a fight in this comeback event. However, the match is easier said than done for The Miz. Trash talking, tumbling and fumbling, going upside-down, swinging, slapping and by any means possible are clearly and successfully maneuvered during the course of the match.

Cesaro applies the trademark move Crossface, and The Miz appears to have tapped. Yet the referee has not seen it because Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens fight up on the square. The referee gets distracted!

Cesaro lets loose The Miz just to deliver some power moves to the brawling Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. The Miz uses his quickness and takes advantage of the distracted Cesaro, rolls him up and wins the game. The rest of the actions and particulars can be read here. Despite Cesaro's setback, Bleacher Report stated that he can still fight for the title.

How was the audience's reaction? Nah! Boo's everywhere. The Miz successfully spoiled the Swiss Superman's reign. It may also be remembered that The Miz took the Intercontinental Title away by defeating Zack Ryder. The drama, showcasing of the sharpness of the tongue and any other form of selling out the fight, are so overwhelming.

So for sure, all the WWE fans and advocates get their money's worth in this event. Just keep updated about the event. One will surely get his money's worth.

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