Puma Unveils New Training Robot

Puma, a German shoe company, announced that it has developed a new training robotic device for racers.

According to Christian Science Monitor, the Puma robot can act as a running partner for racers in order to assist them in training. The bot can match even the fastest runners. According to Word Tech Today, the robotic device is called the BeatBot and kind of looks like one of the company's shoe boxes. 

It is well-known that everyone runs faster when there is something to beat. It is also easier to beat a record when one could see it. The company designed and developed the robotic device to pace runners during training and helping them prepare for breaking records. For the BeatBot project, Puma has worked with many robotic experts and with the advertising agency J. Walter Thompson New York. 

A collaborator on the device, Florent Imbert, of the advertising agency J. Walter Thompson New York, said that there is a lot of anecdotal evidence showing that competition can raise performance levels. Running against someone or something can be more motivating thanrunning against an invisible clock.

This is the reason why sportswear major company Puma decided to create its BeatBot. The small box-shaped automated device can be used for training people for running faster.

According to NH Voice, the BeatBot runs as fast as Olympic medalist sprinter Usain Bolt. Currently, Puma shoe company is having a deal with Usain Bolt.

Puma's bot is powered by infrared sensors and can follow the lines on the track. The BeatBot features a front facing camera, accelerometer and rung with Arduino microcontroller.

The robot is capable of tracking the distance covered by counting the revolutions of its wheels. Based on the data it collects about the distance covered and its speed, Puma informed that BeatBot can make up to 100 adjustments per second.

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