Ubisoft Plans To Stop Exploit Issues In 'The Division' Game

The developer of "The Division," Ubisoft, put new systems in place to stop exploit problems in the game and make cheaters pay.

According to Polygon, the cheating and exploit problems in the "The Division" game could come to an end. Ubisoft announced new steps it will take to stop issues with glitches in "Tom Clancy's The Division."

The team of game developers behind "The Division" multiplayer shooter explains in a blog post new methods implemented to punish cheaters who exploit to their advantage the game's bugs.

According to Massive Entertainment, the developer unit of "The Division," the newly implemented methods for cheat detection methods made it easier to identify players currently using cheat engines in the game. The team wrote that these measures allowed the developer to catch this week alone more cheaters than during previous weeks altogether.

As previously stated by Ubisoft, once cheaters are caught, they will be punished more severely. Previously, Ubisoft banned first offenders from play for three days but they will now be suspended for two weeks. The new rules also stipulate that second offenses will lead to a permanent ban.

The developer of "The Division" also touched on bugs in the blog post, explaining the difficulty encountered in fixing all issues experienced and reported by players. The developer wrote that it is necessary to react and fix any bug that makes it into the game but also dissuade players from exploiting the glitch until it is fixed.

Ubisoft will use a public forum to keep track of all confirmed "The Division" exploits. They will also be shared across company's various media channels.

According to PC Gamer, Ubisoft also went deeper into explaining what exactly can be considered as a "bug exploit." The explanations are necessary in order to address complaints players' complains. Many players of "The Division" game are concerned at the prospect of unfairly being punished for violating the rules. 

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