Microsoft Will Not Use Google For Cortana Searches, Enforces Bing Usage For Windows 10

A new era of browsing is looming on the search engine world. It looks like Microsoft has made modifications and halts the use of Google for Cortana searches. The move is also enforcing the usage of Bing for Windows 10 powered devices.

A former post from BBC showcases the strategic move that Microsoft aims on strengthening. As it enforces the use of Bing engine to expand the search-related features of the product, Google's value might be on the rocks. It has been cited that there are indeed many Cortana users who have used searches using Google instead of the Bing search engine, which is why the move might come as a bit of surprise for the users and for the affected stakeholders as well.

Meanwhile, Windows users will still be able to install other web browsers and use other search engines outside Cortana, said Ryan Gavin, Microsoft's head of search and Cortana. Moreover, "Microsoft was adding extras to Edge and Bing that meant it made sense to tie these programs to Cortana instead of other search engines and browsers and anything else would be a "compromised experience that is less reliable and predictable," Gavin added.

The move has also sparked the interest of other analysts such as Danny Sullivan, and according to him, it was not a good move to hinder the choices of the users. "I think Microsoft is taking some big liberties here," Sullivan said.

Although it remains unclear why Microsoft eradicated Google's presence, the notions are persisting to rise. In a post from 9to5Google, the move was more inclined in the integration and usage of Cortana and the overall user performance and comfort. Microsoft used the "Protecting the Integrated Search Experience in Windows 10," as a means to justify their claims and actions implemented on their software programs as well as ensuring that reliability and privacy are well secured and utilized.

It is still unclear how the recent news pertaining to the removal of Google search engines would affect the entire profits and revenues of the tech company. Moreover, as Microsoft enforces the usage of Bing for its Cortana searches, it remains unsettled on how Google would counter the removal of its search engines.

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