Google Chrome Tops Among The Rest Of Internet Browsers

Which among the Internet browsers are commonly used by the Internet sage? Among all of these, which is the best when it comes to function, efficiency and credibility? What is/are the reason/s of the users why they support or use such Internet browser? These are the common questions that the Internet surfers and users are considering when it comes to choosing the best Internet browser.

Recent post from states that Google Chrome becomes undisputed as it tops the web browser world. For the longest time, Microsoft has been the top choice of the World Wide Web users not until Google introduced Chrome in 2008. Since then, the Internet Explorer struggled to defeat chrome.

The Internet Explorer takes and unintentionally gives back its leading performance. In April of the current calendar year, Google Chrome proved to the World Wide Web that it deserves the top spot. Internet Explorer has been annihilated by the Google Chrome, again. Based from the post of the website CNet, Google Chrome managed to take over the Internet Explorer browser. The Google Chrome took 41.6 shares of all browser traffic, surpassing Internet Explorer that gained 41.3 shares from its previous share of 43.4 percent. The website Netmarketshare shows the latest market share reports. The figure is shown here.

There is no question why Google Chrome is ahead among all, toppling the rest of the Internet browsers. Its latest updates have been helpful for the users as the browser becomes so self-explanatory and user-friendly.

According to ZDNet, at times, there may be some errors or glitches -- like it may take a lot of the system RAM or it may perform sluggishly -- that occur as the user uses the said browser. However, the site points out some useful tips to contain and maintain the best performance for the users. The tips can be read here.

So, the Internet users out there have the free will to select their own choice of browser. Definitely, Google Chrome may be the best to be considered. It is the users' free will.

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