Rumors Suggest 'Street Fighter V' Will Include A Single-Player Versus Mode

Rumors claim that besides adding a full-story mode, Capcom will add more free content for offline players, including a versus mode against the AI.

Engadget previously reported that "Street Fighter V" game franchise installment will feature the series' first full-story mode. The free update will bridge the gap between past game series iterations and it is scheduled to arrive in June.

According to the EventHubs, now Capcom studio's Yoshinori announced that June's story update is going to be just the start of things. The game studio will do more to boost solo play in the "Street Fighter" game.

Following the April update of "Street Fighter V," an original character has returned to join the roster of warriors. BreatheCast reports that Capcom made the announcement on April 26, on Twitter. According to the game developer studio, Guile has been released in North America on April 28.

In a blog post for Playstation, Harrison Young also talked more details of the "Street Fighter V" April update's addition of Guile. Young explains that since Guile is one of the original eight World Warriors that appeared in "Street Fighter II,"  he is certainly one of the most iconic Street Fighter characters.

In the ending of the "Street Fighter II," it was revealed Guile's connection to Charlie Nash. For killing his friend and mentor, Guile prepares to finish off M. Bison once and for all. However, at the last moment, he is stopped by his wife Jane.

When it comes to details of Guile's abilities, it seems that the original Street Fighter character will have three sets of devastating attacks: the Solid Puncher, the Sonic Blade and Sonic Hurricane. The latter attack skill is the most devastating of all, allowing Guile to hit his opponent with the Sonic Boom.

Capcom-Unity also revealed more details of the "Street Fighter V" April update on its official website. The company announced that all the glitches and bugs have been fixed.

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