‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 News And Updates: Story Arc Clings To Titan Origins; Release Date And Episode Numbers Remain Unreliable

"Attack On Titan" Season 2 news and updates revealed how the sequel and its story arc would cling to the titan origins. Also, for the series release, it remains unsettled and even the number of episodes are not fully affirmed as well.

There is just too much mysteries shrouding "Attack On Titan" Season 2 and all of the vital elements remain unconfirmed except for the one fact that the story arc will cling to its Titan origins. Wit Studios, the successful company distributor behind the mega-hit anime show, is rumored to release "Attack on Titan" Season 2 this year along with another popular anime series, "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress," according to the Christian Times.

The last arc in the "Attack on Titan" manga series has tackled the worsening political situation in X, where a much-kept secret of the government is slowly laid bare to the public that will link them to the existence of the ferocious Titans and the conspiracy on the origin of the Titans is likely to be the main focus of Season 2, reports the main post.

However, Yibada reports inconsistency regarding the sequel and the details that surround it. According to the report, there is no assurance that "Attack on Titan" Season 2 will hit the screens this year since the storyline has noted for being incomplete.

It is undeniable that the fans and followers of the anime series have keenly anticipated the return of "Attack On Titan" Season 2. Also, its return has been demanded in more ways than one but it is not enough to render the series to hasten in a much faster pace.

Even though "Attack On Titan' Season 2" might not return sooner than expected and the release date and number of episodes might continue to loom in the shadows, it does not imply that the series will lose its touch. If the final parts of the puzzle are released, "Attack On Titan" Season 2 and its story arc will unfold immense possibilities and storyline that has the strength and probability to gain supremacy in the anime world.

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