Chrysler Pacificas Set To Become Google's Driverless Cars

Google finally wins it with FCA as the latter has agreed to consign 100 of its cars to use for Google's driverless car experiment. Varied news sources previously reported on the seemingly endless search for Googleand finally has named the car maker to which it would get its vehicles from.

Yahoo! reported that Chrysler Pacificas would now be seen on road tests as part of Google's self-driving car experiment. The project is said to be a launching effort of the IT giant in its continuous efforts to improve autonomous car technology. FCA's collaboration with Google is considered a huge step for the latter as the company had previously built driverless Lexus RX 450h and Toyota prius prototypes. However, confirmed sources told on the lack of support for the project from the car maker itself.

Google had also designed its own version of a self-driving car a few months' back; this time, John Krafcik of Google's automotive unit exerted all efforts to pair the company with a suitable car maker for the project.

On the other hand, Fiat Chrysler also has some advantage with its partnership with Google regarding financing the experiment. CEO Marchionne himself stated that high-technology costs could spiral down the car industry in the future. FCA, in a way, has already stepped up in leveling the autonomous driving competition with Nissan, Ford and Volvo.

In related news, Telegraph UK also mentioned the rise in sales for FCA units last month alone, which was a 6 percent increase for the same month last year. Reported sales of 199,631 was announced by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, saying it was the company's best April sales of all time.

The Chrysler Pacificas would not be sold to the buying public; more details on the specifics of the renewed self-driving experiment would be available soon.

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