Naughty Dog Fully Details 'Uncharted 4' Multiplayer

Naughty Dog fully detailed the multiplayer portion of "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" just one week ahead of the title's release date scheduled on May 10.

According to the online publication Game Rant, the game developer Naughty Dog has plans for the "Uncharted 4" game title that goes as far as Spring 2017. Following the game's release, each season will bring a selection of new game modes, maps, weapons and vanity items. The multiplayer DLC's road map also shows that a co-op function will be released in autumn 2016.

The website reports that lead game designer Robert Cogburn explained all the multiplayer modes available at launch. According to him, "Uncharted 4" multiplayer will include Ranked, Command, Team Deathmatch, Plunder, Warm Up Playlist and Trials.

Ranks range from Bronze III to Diamond I in Ranked. Points will be deducted for losing a match, and in case of winning, the player will be awarded points.

When a player acquires the necessary number of points, he can enter into Qualifiers. By winning a certain number of the next few matches, a player is given the opportunity to increase his or her Rank.

In Command mode players have to knock out enemy Captains for a large point bonus capture or capture Command Sites for a steady flow of points. In the Command mode, emphasis is put on protecting the Captain and teamwork.

In Team Deathmatch mode, players involve in a fight to the end with teammates on their side. Each enemy KO is worth one point, and the goal is to score a certain number of points to win.

In Plunder mode, players have to find the Idol and return it to their treasure chest for one point. Players are able to climb and throw with the Idol.

 In Warm Up Playlist, players have the opportunity to explore a lot of new gameplay mechanics available. However, players will only be able to play in the Warm Up Playlist for a certain number of matches.

Trials are set up as pseudo competitive matches. Each of the 10 Trials will award Relics for completion and will come with various levels of difficulty. Players go up against enemy NPC opponents and use specific multiplayer mechanics with the goal of getting a high score.

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