'Pokémon Go' Release Date, News & Update: Beta Footage Released On Different Regions; 'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Remains Indefinite

Recent news and updates for "Pokémon Go" revealed the beta footage and the possible scenarios that go along with it. Also, it has been speculated that the regions to enjoy the beta version would be limited and not set on a global scale. As for "Pokemon Sun And Moon," its release date remains indefinite.

The "Pokémon Go" game fever is not ebbing away. As new reports claim, "Pokémon Go" footage was released while a beta testing is being conducted in Australia and New Zealand. And even though many were shocked when a lucky player from Australia uploaded some footage from the "Pokémon Go" beta testing program earlier this week, the most recent update of the highly anticipated forthcoming free-to-play mobile game featured the character creation proceed and actual gameplay in a 10-minute clip, reports Parent Herald.

This is not the first "Pokémon Go" clip that emerged lately since there was also a previous video from The Pokémon Company and Niantic that was already deleted after thousands of gamers were able to watch it, reports the same post.

However, while regions such as Australia and New Zealand must wait for the game to be released, Japan is already enjoying the game to its fullest. Nonetheless, the door is not fully closed for gamers not residing in Japan since the gamers can sign up on the official website of Niantic before the "Pokémon Go" developer gives out the prescribed invitations and awaits feedback.

For the gamers, there is a need to download the game, and "Pokémon Go" players must use one valid Google account for Android or an account that can work with iOS-powered devices. If the gamer is approved, any fortunate gamer must adhere to the policy and sign a waiver to assure that no leakage from the upcoming the "Pokémon Go" game would hit the public market.

On a different note, Moviepilot mentions that 2016 is a year of massive changes for the "Pokémon" franchise and the first Gen VII installment in the well-loved line of 3DS games "Pokemon Sun And Moon."

Although "Pokémon Go" release update for regions such as Australia and New Zealand has been affirmed, the released beta footage is instigating much excitement for gamers. But for "Pokemon Sun And Moon," the wait might be longer as the release date remains indefinite.

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