Tesla Motors Model S Unstoppable Upgrade Sparks Fear; 75kWh Battery Pack Option For Model S Affirmed

Tesla Motors remains resilient amidst scrutiny. And to overcome another feat, Tesla Motors has affirmed the 75kWh battery pack option for Model S. Notions of the unstoppable upgrade sparking fear for Tesla's competitors arise.

The world of electric cars is slowly dominating the road. And little by little, EV carmakers are making crucial upgrades to the segments to ensure safety, travel, comfort and horsepower. In a post from The Verge, it was revealed that Tesla Motors' Model S would incorporate stunning changes in battery pack option.

The additional 75kWh battery option for the Model S sedan would grant the segment extra 259 miles of range. According to the same report, the 70kWh battery will be made available, but the larger 90kWh battery would boast of 294 miles of range.

However, there is a catch for this upgrade since it would require $3,000 to avail of the battery option. Also, it has been noted that the 75kWh was launched on the Model X for the past few weeks. To showcase Tesla's aims and vision for excellence, Tesla has also decided to integrate the new battery pack option for its Model S.

Furthermore, Tesla has also considered selling out the 70kWh supply, and the possibility of using the 75kWh as a baseline battery pack option arises. The theorized idea was partly due to the actions that Tesla had implemented in the past.

As for the Model S sedan segment, it would feature varying battery pack options. It could either be running on 70, 75 and even 90kWh, and all of these features are anticipated to be accessible and available in either a rear-or all-wheel drive segments.

On a different note, more reports from Reuters have revealed that Wall Street has strengthened Tesla's market presence by valuing Tesla Motors at $620,000 per car. The same report also revealed the high returns that Tesla Motors have attained based on its latest financial update.

As Tesla Motors unveils and affirms the Model S 75kWh battery pack option, it is undeniable that the move can spark fear for competitors because Tesla's constant upgrades is showcasing resilience and innovations to keep the thrust in an upbeat.   

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