'Fallout 4' Far Harbor Expansion Gameplay & News: New Trailer Unveiled, Release Date Announced

Avid fans of the action role-playing game "Fallout 4" will be happy with the latest news. Bethesda has recently unveiled a new trailer for the game's upcoming expansion pack titled "Far Harbor" and also announced its release date.

"Fallout 4" players will have a new land to explore when Bethesda's third expansion pack for the game is released. The gaming company has set a May 19 launch date for "Fallout 4's" newest DLC "Far Harbor," Techradar reports. The new expansion pack will introduce Bethesda's fictional Far Harbor located in Maine where mysterious creatures roam the land, along with what's left of the town's inhabitants.

With the upcoming new "Fallout 4" expansion pack, gamers are set to travel to said mysterious island to solve a new case from Valentine's Detective Agency. The case involves searching for a missing young woman, as stated in the same report. However, the adventure will prove to be quite a challenge given the more feral and "lethal" creatures that were created by the higher levels of radiation in the area. Players will also discover a secret colony of synths, the Children of Atom and other interesting characters in Far Harbor. A growing conflict between the local townspeople will also add another layer of mystery and excitement to "Fallout 4's" Far Harbor gameplay.

The said DLC's trailer released by Bethesda has also hinted of the said conflict. A voice over in the clip ominously stated that the townspeople have "paid [their] dues in blood and bullets." It appears that something more sinister is happening on the island. The trailer showed a quick glimpse of a foggy landscape, men with guns, explosions and a mysterious man-like creature with what appears to be tubes, cords and metal pieces stuck on various parts of his body.

Meanwhile, the upcoming "Far Harbor" DLC will come with a $25 price tag, Gamespot reports. The new expansion pack will also be included in the $50 "Fallout 4" DLC pass. Loyal "Fallout 4" gamers should also look forward to more add-ons that are set to be released in the latter part of 2016, according to Bethesda.

The "Fallout 4" third expansion pack "Far Harbor" will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on May 19.

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