'Clash Of Clans' May Update: Supercell Announced Game Balancing Update To Appease Disgruntled Players

"Clash Of Clans" received its May update to help revive the game as it lost its footing with "Clash Royale." Supercell announced that it will work more with "Clash Of Clans" to create a well-balanced game.

According to "Clash Of Clans" Supercell moderator Anoushka, the game will receive

  • two times faster brewing for all Spells;
  • two times faster training for Dragon, Witch and Wall Breaker;
  • three times faster training for Golem, Lava Hound and P.E.K.K.A;
  • a huge decrease in Hero regeneration times;
  • faster training time for Balloon, Wizard, Healer, Valkyrie and Bowler.

Supercell explained that players can expect full and well-balanced battles and armies than before. There is no need to wait long hours to boost armies since the new update will provide 4x speed boost that will allow for faster game sequencing.

With the new game balancing update for "Clash Of Clans," Bowlers can attack much faster and can reach their target earlier than time. Bowlers will not lag behind the rest of their troops since the update provided will totally satisfy players.

The new update will also allow players to maximize their timeout when searching for opponents. Before the update, players had to tap the retry button every five minutes to search to get its matchmaking. Now, "Clash Of Clans" players are just required to tap this every 30 minutes to allow them to search for opponents.

Waiting several hours just to create armies will be obsolete, according to Anoushka, since building armies is now made four times faster than before. Supercell made sure that in the May update for "Clash Of Clans," armies can be trained in less than an hour and players are expected to battle with full and well-balanced troops. 

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