U.S. City Expo Launches New Drone Technology

Unmanned aircraft systems may become regulars in aiding people's lives. Drones, as they are famously called, would be the one of the highlights in this year's Xponential 2016 convention.

Robotics experts and drone creators would be gathering in one of the biggest conventions of the year in the city of New Orleans, reports NBC News. An estimated 55 countries would be participating in the said event, from farming to oil and gas, even national security.

The Xponential 2016 would be attended by almost 8,000 people, who would need to prepare themselves for talks on emerging advances in adaptive technology for all. FAA Administrator Michael Huerta would be one of the event speakers, together with Gur Kimchi, who is the vice-president and co-founder of Amazon Prime Air. There is also a $15,000 prize plus a 1-1 mentorship available for tech startups that would be pitching their companies to a group of industry experts, according to the publication.

In related news, IHS Jane's 360 reported on the U.S. military's take to turn its efforts toward looking for solutions with unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) that are being used for on and off road challenges.

Major Michael Dvorak said that the U.S. armed forces have been concentrating mostly on upgrading explosive ordinances as well as creation of device systems, which are set to counter explosives. He says that the military must be on the lookout for other capabilities, which would prove helpful in autonomous driving tactics.

These systems have long been in hibernation from getting further developed as goals for 2016 to 2021 and 2022 to 2031, according to Major Dvorak. He hopes that with the new tech being introduced in the Xponential 2016 convention, it would give the boost the military needed. The military's next work would constitute largely on working further with autonomous and tactical vehicle operations, as per the news agency.

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