Apple Music Service To Retune In June

pple will make some changes to its Apple Music streaming service, aimed to fix current problems. The "retuned" Apple Music is expected to be unveiled in June.

According to MacWorld, Apple Music has been conceived as a rival streaming music service to Spotify. However, Apple Music comes with two major issues. Its relationship with iTunes has proved a disaster and its interface is too complicated.

Apple seems to finally realize that if its streaming music service would be easier to use, then it would also become more successful. The planned changes are aimed to fix Apple Music current issues. The updated service is expected to debut in June, at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Bloomberg reports that Apple Music is the result of Beats Music acquisition by Apple in 2014. However, trying to fold Beats employees into Apple resulted in a culture clash. This affected the music streaming service's rollout.

In order to focus on Apple Music, another mistake made by Apple was to divert resources from iTunes instead of finding ways to combine the two. The download store turns out to still hold strong on its own, being more successful than most businesses. Every quarter, iTunes is pulling in billions of dollars in revenue for Apple.

Now the high-tech company decided to finally combine the download business and its musing streaming service. According to reports, Apple also plans to expand its online radio offerings.

According to USA Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared during last week's earnings call that Apple Music has reached 13 million paid subscribers. The figure is about 2 million more than in February. Apparently, Apple Music streaming service's growth rate is quite impressive. However, Apple Music is still well behind the 30 million subscribers that its rival service Spotify claims.

Spotify launched in 2008 and it has been around a lot longer. But with 1 billion iOS devices in active use globally, Apple Music would seem to have an inherent advantage. But instead to use the Apple Music service, many music fans still rely on iTunes downloads to build their vast libraries.

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