'Plants Vs. Zombies': Beyond The Horizon

'Plants vs. Zombies', a massively popular third person pea shooting game has become one of the favorite video games not only by children but by adults as well. The game is tower defense in genre. Moreover, it is developed by PopCap Games and was initially released in May 5, 2009. Since then, the game has been very successful and globally acknowledged, after all, has received lots of accolades such as Golden Joystick Award for Strategy Game of the Year, etc.

What does a gamer get from this game? What can he/she learn from it? How does he/she react to the game's genre? The game's end imbibes the gamer to look for money in a form of coins, defeat zombies to earn gems, notes and even upgrades. Is it fair to say that this game does not give equal justice to the time management of the gamers? It is only them who can answer the question. Time management is not the matter here. The thing is what pushes gamers play 'Plants vs. zombies'.

According to a post from a website via ALPHR, the game hooks gamers to a system wherein they commit time and acquire rewards, which in time being, be spent to get further rewards. In other words, the game pays the gamer "financially". Young gamers therefore are introduced to the very simply idea of capitalism. Is it good or bad? Well, since it gives such principle, there is no problem with that.

In a post from TrueAchievements, 'Plants vs. Zombies:Garden Warfare 2' is the version of the game. Though the developer PopCap Games released a new video teasing content, there is no specific date yet as to the games game launching date. So, the real score here is that the game is just a simple one, but if you consider integrating principles, the matter is already said.

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