1978 Ferrari 308 Gets All-Electric Upgrade

A vintage Ferrari car has gotten itself a generous upgrade, with its standard V8 engine replaced with a better and updated one. This could possibly mean that even legacy cars can still be useful in light of the electric cars' trend these days.

Techspot was able to get wind of a 1978 Ferrari 308 being given an electric-powertrain, courtesy of Eric Hutchinson. Hutchinson reportedly saved the Ferrari 308 from an engine outburst and sought help to work on the vintage car's renovation with EV West.

The e-powertrain engine makes use of three electric motors and are patterned like a V to fit snug on the old Ferrari's engine compartment. The whole system is also connected together with a series of belts and pulleys. The cost of the engine makeover was around $10,000.

The output of these engines combined gave up to 330 lb-feet of torque action as well as up to 415 hp, reports Autoblog. That is about 200 more hp plus 121 lb-feet more torque than the power the previous V8 generated.

What is surprisingly interesting about the duo-engine is its zero-noise quality when powered up. The electrified 1978 Ferrari 308 version, however, runs for up to 80 miles on full charge.

Hutchison and friend Michael Bream of EV West also equipped the modified 308 with additional fixtures such as a flywheel, pressure plate and a new clutch. A Porsche transaxle was added into the mix, which was placed upside down to complete the 308's updated restoration.

Nowadays, electric vehicles are no longer usually fitted with manual transmission, but Hutchison said that breakthroughs such as those of the Formula E series and Tesla EVs can do away with its combined performance. The torque muscle action that goes with the modified 308's transmission when the car was tested is no disappointment to the driver with its classic, track-proven experience, added Hutchison.

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