Fiat Chrysler Autonomous Car Is Just Within 5 Years From Now

Amid the technological advancement in automobile, people are looking forward for driverless cars to be running on the roads. It may sound absurd that a car has no driver yet it runs on its own. The main question that any person could ask may be revolving around safety issues of the said advancement. Well, for sure, it will be part and parcel of the planning, experimenting and testing this kind of technological progress.

According to a web post via The New York Times, Sergio Marchionne, took a few test rides In Google's self-driving car and was impressed with the speed of the test car. He added that people are seeing the driverless car about 20 years, but refuted that it will be in 5 years. As stated from the claims and reports weeks ago, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is now working collaboratively with Google in making 100 modified minivan, which is the Pacifica. The two companies will work collaboratively and put engineering teams in Michigan to develop the technology.

According to a post by USA Today, Mr. Marchionne stated that Google has more negotiating leverage than Fiat Chrysler or any automaker because of its profit or market value. According to a post from CBC News, Fiat Chrysler is voluntarily recalling 187,436 vehicles in Canada. It has to make the move to fix the problem involving a possible leak of power-steering fluid in extreme cold weather conditions. But definitely, it will not distract the company's plan in moving forward for the driverless cars.

More from The NewYorkTimes post, Mr. Marchionne tried to persuade General Motors or other automakers to enter merger talks but failed. It is also added that some analysts are skeptical of the agreement with Google. But since the agreement has been presented, then there will be no problem about it despite the fact that it is unclear as to how the deal is going to benefit both parties.

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