Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Not A Weakling But His Dreams Could Be Tesla’s Destruction; Model 3, Model X Legacy Destroyed?

Dreams and visions are good, but it seems for Tesla CEO Elon Musk, his aspirations have been speculated to lead the company to demise and destruction. Also, Model 3, Model S and Model X legacies are forecast to be in trouble once Tesla faces hurdles as well.

The Financial Review reports that, "Ever since Tesla Motors' initial public offering, a debate has raged between bears and bulls over whether the company is a highly overvalued carmaker or a potentially undervalued tech company but as chief executive officer Elon Musk tries to guide his company through a critical transition from maker of small-batch luxury cars to producer of mainstream volumes, he appears to have had an epiphany."

However, Musk is not a weakling that backs down anytime soon. To prove the latter, "Thus far, I think we've done a good job on design and technology of our products," Musk told analysts during Tesla's quarterly earnings call last week. "The key thing we need to achieve in the future is to also be the leader in manufacturing." This characteristically immodest goal is not new according to Musk, who said, "we take manufacturing very seriously at Tesla," but the company has a long way to go.

Initial praise for the design and performance of Tesla's vehicles has given way to waves of owner frustration over reliability and quality, with complaints ranging from drive unit replacement in the Model S to faulty falcon-wing doors in the Model X, and there have also been myriad issues with window seals, door latches and premature rust issues, reports the same post.

Tesla has even added software updates that bring about unique features such as Easter eggs, according to The Verge. Tesla has always aimed on providing ways and means to improve its segments and offer diversities.

It may be an upstart in the automotive world, but Tesla already has a healthy tradition of including Easter eggs in its software updates and the most recent to be spotted treats Tesla owners to a miniature light show Model S and Model X owners who press the button on their car's charging ports and will see their charging port light up in the colors of the rainbow, reports the same post.

Despite the rising scrutiny geared toward Tesla's CEO Elon Musk. He remains resilient despite the speculations that his high aspirations will ultimately lead to Tesla's doom. Along that line, it remains uncertain on whether Model 3 and Model X legacies will be destroyed.

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