Moto X’s Cool Appearance And Upcoming Updates

At times, it is fair to say that a person's choice of style reflects his/her personality. In general, it is presumed that whatever a person chooses, it is his/her stand in life. One particular standpoint is the choice of smart phones. The question here revolves around the main reason what person wants. Does it have to be cool looking? Does it have to rock? Does it have to have the best performance? Well, the answer lies in the hands and choice of the users or owners.

To the Moto X or Motorola Droids advocates out there, here is a new look of the latest 2016 Moto X.

According to an Internet post via Droid Life, the appearance of the next Moto X has both Droid and Verizon's new check mark. The phone also looks thin. It has fingerprint sensors located at the bottom chin. The front has camera with accompanying flashes.

According to The Verge, the next Moto X could have modular add-ons just like LG's G5. These add-ons add new functionality to the core handsets. It will have a modular backplates.

In addition, the patch of small circles on the back of the phone are magnetic pins and serve as the connection between the phone and 'Amps.'

Reports also said that the Amps are in the works, ranging from stereo speakers to an extended battery pack, a camera grip with flash and optical zoom and even a pico projector. Droid Life claims that it will announce the new phones in early June at the company's Tech event.

As per Venture Beat, the phones are all metals. The phone is compatible with an ecosystem modular, swappable backplates that endow with significant additional functionality.

For more information about the phone's specifications, read here. Moto X has really done an exceptional venture toward customer satisfaction and it answers the call of competence. Definitely, this is worth the wait.

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