'Fallout 4' Update: Bethesda Releases Xbox One Mods; Game's Virtual Reality Soon Happening?

There is good news for all the players of "Fallout 4" on Xbox One: They will now be able to try out various mods courtesy of Bethesda. This will happen after the game's upcoming Far Harbor release.

If PC owners were able to download and play various "Fallout 4" mods through Bethesda's official mod shop, Xbox One users are now also expected to do the same thing. According to Gamespot, the company has made the announcement via Twitter, saying that they are cooking a closed beta specifically for the aforesaid console owners.

The Xbox One mods will reportedly be released after May 19, as Bethesda announced. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 mods are also expected to arrive come next month (June).

Apart from that, the Maryland-based video game publisher have announced a new milestone -- the PC "Fallout 4" mods have reached a total of 1 million downloads. A bulky collection of mods have arrived to the titular action role-playing video game, two of which are items and characters from "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" and "Metal Gear Solid V."

Moreover, other mods have placed the Commonwealth under a series of attack from Thomas the Tank Engine. Bethesda surely has a lot of surprises for their "Fallout 4" loyalists.

Meanwhile, Tom's Hardware reports that the game can now be played in VR (virtual reality), courtesy of Vireio Perception injection driver (although it is still on its alpha stage). Among the impressive controls from Vireio is the zooming features, something that can be done through pressing and holding the left analog stick or middle mouse button.

Also, through Vireio Perception's software, gamers can easily control where their "Fallout 4" characters look at by simply moving their heads. The overall experience is akin to that of "Minecraft's" VR. And as expected, there were reportedly issues (latency and framerate fluctuations, among others) with the game's integration in the software.

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