Apple iOS 10 May Feature Stand-Alone HomeKit App

Rumors suggest that Apple will introduce a stand-alone HomeKit app in iOS 10 that is due to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference next month.

Slash Gear reports that Apple has entered the growing market of smart appliances and home automation products more than a year ago. Since then, adoption of Apple HomeKit by developers and manufacturers has been slow but steady. However, adoption by consumers was even slower, confused by the dozens of apps available on the Internet of Things market.

According to Ubergizmo, Apple has created the HomeKit platform with the aim to allow smart connected objects to interact with Apple devices. However, it might become difficult for users to manage all their smart devices, even though it is one platform.

In order to manage smart connected objects on Apple's HomeKit platform, users have to switch between multiple apps to control them. It seems that by introducing a separate HomeKit app for controlling smart home devices, Apple will make the task much simpler with the next major update of iOS.

The situation is not just an Apple problem. With the sudden burst of home sensors and smart appliances in the market, each of these devices acts practically as an island of its own. Some of the devices do belong to a smart home platform, but most of them still come with their own apps. Having to switch between such apps, to air conditioning in one and lighting in another, it does not make a pleasant consumer experience.

According to MacRumors, a stand-alone HomeKit application will be included indeed in the next major update of iOS. It appears that the app will function as a one-stop solution for all smart connected objects compatible with HomeKit, but it is yet unclear how the app will work.

A stand-alone HomeKit app is a long requested feature, and now Apple might have finally listened to its customers. However, the high-tech company has not confirmed anything yet. People will really find out if the HomeKit app is going to be included in iOS 10 next month, at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

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