Apple Siri's Creator Unveils Viv AI At Disrupt NY 2016

The world's most highly awaited AI assistant got to "talk" to its creator today at Disrupt NY 2016. That moment was one of the highlights at the technology-packed event.

After months of speculation and numerous media rumors, Dag Kittlaus finally unveiled the company's latest creation, Viv, according to The Daily Mail UK. Showcasing artificial intelligence at its best, the live demo between the Siri CEO and Viv gave audiences a glimpse into the future of human conversation and a virtual interface.

Kittlaus simply asked Viv what the temperature would be like at a known San Francisco landmark the next day. Viv responded with its answer only a few seconds after being asked.

The AI demonstrated an inept level of understanding in context, as it uses its dynamic programs to come up with the desired service output. Kittlaus was able to show how Viv considerably represents that gradual change from mid-level to highly complex understanding over things via an "au naturel" conversational environment.

The continuous dive into the Internet of Things concept by researchers and advanced technology enthusiasts alike have promoted an additional third-party ecosystem, which is evident in numerous exhibitions revealing up-to-date tech trends. In a related post, Tech Crunch also described how Viv performed several other "complex" tasks at hand.

Kittlaus demonstrated further on Viv's ability to actually pay a few dollars to a friend as an errand. Using Venmo integration, what happened next were some simple taps on the pay button and ended with Kittlaus' friend receiving the payment.

The Siri CEO added that Viv would be a main source for consumers in the near future, with the AI's ability to answer a plate of inquiries, whether simple or complex. "Instead of having to write every code instructed, you're really just describing what you want it to do. The whole idea of Viv is that developers can go in and build any experience that they want," continued Kittlaus.

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