‘Mass Effect 4: Andromeda’ Update: Bioware Unveils Game Features, Release Date Pushed Back To 2017

After several months of speculations over a possible release date delay for the highly anticipated "Mass Effect 4: Andromeda," Bioware has finally confirmed the news. Apart from announcing the early 2017 release, the game developer has also unveiled some of the features and enhancements that players can expect from the upcoming game.

News of a delayed game release for "Mass Effect 4: Andromeda" was first reported in March, after an EA (Electronic Arts) presentation revealed some of the gaming company's planned release date schedules for its upcoming game titles. Initially, "Mass Effect 4: Andromeda" was scheduled for a 2016 release; however, a 2017 launch date was hinted during the said EA presentation. It was only recently that the game developer Bioware addressed the release date delay through an announcement posted on "Mass Effect's" website.

Bioware General Manager Aaron Flynn wrote a lengthy message on the game's website that confirmed the "early 2017" release date. He mentioned that the launch has been pushed back to ensure that the company can "deliver everything the game can be and should be." Flynn has also listed some of the new "Mass Effect 4: Andromeda" features that players can enjoy when the game is released.

One of these features include giving gamers an "unprecedented level of freedom" from the places they can explore, how to get there and other gameplay elements. Flynn also teased of "new uncharted worlds," specifically the Andromeda, where gamers will meet new enemies, allies and explore "fascinating" new areas. The Bioware executive also made mention of "the next great Mass Effect experience." Flynn even commented on how game developers are "pushing the technology" to provide gameplay, visuals and other elements that he claimed "have never been done in franchise history."

Meanwhile, both EA and Bioware have mostly kept silent on the storyline and gameplay details for the upcoming "Mass Effect 4: Andromeda." However, fan speculations have indicated that the game's protagonist may potentially be called "Rider," Gamespot reports. This is following a scene shown on the previously released N7 Day trailer that showed a dog tag with the word "Rider" or "Ryder."

It appears that avid fans of EA and Bioware's sci-fi RPG series can look forward to another exciting game title when "Mass Effect 4: Andromeda" is released in early 2017. 

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