'Tom Clancy's The Division' Update: Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment To Go After Cheaters, Imposes Stricter Penalties

Like any other video games -- be it online or offline -- "Tom Clancy's The Division" is also swamped with various cheats. And as the game's popularity continues to grow, so are the numbers of cheating incidents. Nonetheless, as expected from a giant developer like Ubisoft, plans have been set out in hopes to reduce the said issues.

Massive Entertainment, a studio that belongs under the umbrella of Ubisoft, is set to play a significant role in dealing cheaters in the days to come. In a blog post by Ubisoft, the company will give out severe penalties as punishments to gamers who violate the rules in "Tom Clancy's The Division" servers.

Since day one, it has been Massive Entertainment's goal to give utmost importance to user experience as well as the game's future. In order to achieve them, providing a "smooth high-quality experience" should be a must.

It should also be noted that "Tom Clancy's The Division" was recently impaired by several in-game bugs, apart from players violating the game's rules. Fortunately, the studio based in Sweden, along with top heads of Ubisoft, has launched a structured strategy in the hopes to pacify the situation.

Among the discovered "Tom Clancy's The Division" cheats is the sudden increase of gamers utilizing cheat engines from third parties. These programs, according to Inquisitr, are said to have been quite prevalent particularly in the game's "Dark Zone" map, giving players the capability to attack as well as kill others unprovoked.

To remedy it, Massive Entertainment has launched new cheat detection systems that will automatically identify players who use the infamous cheat engine software. Also, gamers who are found guilty will be issued penalties such as the 14 days initial ban (which has been upgraded from the original suspension of three days).

If caught for the second time around, cheaters will receive a permanent ban from playing "Tom Clancy's The Division" game. Moreover, the company has been very outspoken about its plans to deal with players who do no report and instead initiate on utilizing unexpected, redundant in-game bugs.

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