'Doom' Update: Fans Unhappy, Doubtful As Bethesda Holds Back Early Review Access

For gamers, reviews are a necessity as these can help them get an overview of gameplays and features, among others. Unfortunately, for the fans of the new "Doom" installment, they will not be getting any early reviews. Bethesda decided to hold back on providing copies until the game launches on its release date.

According to WCCF Tech, the company believes that the highly anticipated game is currently at a crucial stage right now. Although Bethesda is likely to stand on its decision, almost all "Doom" fans are not happy about it, especially when the game's multiplayer beta did not sit well in Steam user reviews.

The company released a statement, saying that there are three elements that play a huge role in the game's user experience as a whole -- i.e., online multiplayer, single-player campaign and SnapMap. The video game publisher based in Maryland said that these three are meant to be experienced as a complete package.

In fact, critics deem it as a very alarming move from Bethesda that for a game that has since been kept in developmental stages, not releasing reviews could come as a bad sign.

Although it can certainly stir doubts in the minds of many gamers, keeping review copies under wraps is not actually a rare practice. It is a fact that some publishers tend to opt in holding back review access, especially when games like "Doom" are heavily focused on the online multiplayer platform.

Blizzard, according to Kotaku, is an epitome -- it barely provides early access to its games. "Diablo 2," in particular, was not made available to critics not until the game's servers went live on the release date.

Either way, it is safe to say that Bethesda might want to prevent any bad reviews to surface. One viable reason to do so is to ensure "Doom" sales to spike. Otherwise, if unpleasant reviews find their way, the chances of the game becoming a hit is thin.

"Doom" is set for a May 13 release.

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