Instagram Users Reject New Logo, Can Instagram Save Its Social Face Or Accept The Fall From Grace?

Despite the aims of Instagram to offer new and fresh image logo, the users are not thrilled and happy about it. In fact, Instagram users have rejected the new logo leading to speculations of the social media platform losing its social face and possible fall from glory.

Tech Crunch reported, "Instagram's new icon is pink and that's not all the company has changed today since Instagram this morning is rolling out a radical redesign of its mobile application, which not only includes this new, brightly colored app icon but also a revamped user interface that does away with color in favor of a black-and-white look and feel."

"When Instagram was founded over five years ago, it was a place for you to easily edit and share photos. Over those five years, things have changed," says Ian Spalter, Instagram's Head of Design. "Instagram is now a diverse community of interests where people are sharing more photos and videos than ever before, using new tools like Boomerang and Layout, and connecting in new ways through Explore."

In addition, the colors that blend and blur from purple to pink to orange and yellow are also supposed to be reference to Instagram's iconic rainbow in its older design, and the new black-and-white design allows the color in the app to come from the community and what is being shared while the user interface is no longer competing for attention, reports the same post.

More report from The Inquirer relayed of how the Instagram users are not thrilled one bit of the modifications made on the social media platform and its elements, specially its colors and logo design.

Ever since Instagram made the change on Wednesday, swapping the retro Polaroid-inspired camera logo with a new rainbow-inspired Apple-esque alternative, the social media world and the Instagram users have turned the social platform into a frenzy of complaints.

As the Instagram users affirmatively voiced out their rejection for the new logo, many are wondering on how Instagram could save its legacy or just accept the fate and the fall from the grace of social media.

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