Tesla Model S News And Updates: Tesla Model S Loses Control, Summon Mode Collided With Parked Trailer

Tesla Model S news and updates revealed of how the Model S loses control. Also, it appears that the Tesla Model S collided with the parked trailer while in summon mode, a scenario that places Tesla's image under scrutiny.

A Tesla owner in Utah named Jared Overton says that he returned to his parked Model S to find that it had crept forward and crashed into the trailer parked ahead of it, and the man claims that this all went down without explanation, reports The Verge.

Also, despite the claims of the certain man from Utah, Tesla refutes that claim after determining that the Summon feature had been activated, which autonomously calls the car to (or from) the waiting driver without anyone behind the wheel, according to the same post.

Digital Trends also mentioned how the incident started. Overton relayed of how he and the employee from the business he visited were outside much longer than three seconds and would have noticed if the vehicle was moving. And even had they not, they would have heard the car hit the trailer at the time it took to walk to and enter the business.

To better explain the scenario, a letter to the owner from a regional Tesla service manager acquired by KSL indicated, "The incident occurred as a result of the driver not being properly attentive to the vehicle's surroundings while using the Summon feature or maintaining responsibility for safely controlling the vehicle at all times."

The summon feature is still in beta mode. To prove the latter, there is an underlying apprehensions from Google and other automakers regarding the summon feature and even Tesla is fully aware of the platform in its beta stage, but it does not imply that drivers are not using it as well.

The incident involving the Tesla Model S and how it lost control while in summon mode can bring about much apprehensions. Also, as the Tesla Model S Collided with the parked trailer, it is undeniable that Tesla needs to overcome the milestone of hurdle and challenges.

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