Samsung’s Gear VR Headset Has Been Used By Over 1M People In April

In April, Samsung Gear VR has been used by more than 1 million people, according to Oculus VR.

On Tuesday, May 10, Oculus VR published a blog post announcing the record number of users for the Gear VR headset. According to Digital Trends, the figure is quite impressive if we take into consideration that the device only works with a limited number of smartphones: the Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and the Galaxy S6.

According to Engadget, the Gear VR headset was launched by Samsung back in November 2015. The Samsung Gear VR headset costs an extra $100 on top of the smartphone. However, there are apparently a lot of customers interested in the virtual reality device.

Since Gear VR has been launched on the market by Oculus VR, now part of Facebook company, according to developers that have designed more than 250 applications for its platform powered by Oculus VR technology. For example, Gear VR users can play the "Minecraft" game along with other titles such as "Dear Hunter VR" shooting game or the "End Space" action game.

Among the top-selling applications for Gear VR are currently included "Dreadhalls," "Escape Room VR," EVE Gunjack," "End Space," "Star Chart," "Bandit Six," "Ocean Rift" and "Land's End. The Gear VR library storefront even showcases Netflix.

Oculus VR also said on its blog that one of the most popular experiences on the Gear VR headset is VR video. Nearly 80 percent of Gear VR's users watch video content, and videos make seven of the 10 most used apps.

The company announced that in the coming months, Facebook will begin adding 360 photos to the News Feed. A 360 camera of phone can be used to take the photos. By using the Oculus 360 Photos app provided for the Gear VR headset, the photos can be viewed in VR.

When these 360 pictures appear on Facebook, a "View in VR" button will be displayed by compatible Samsung phones, indicating that users can connect the phone to their headset and view the pictures in VR.

The same company blog also announced a June update for the Oculus Home for Gear VR. The application will be redesigned to make it easier to search for recently downloaded content. A retooled library and a "What's New" section will also be added in the Oculus mobile app to make it easier to find new applications.

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