‘Lord Of The Rings' Mount Of Doom Is Alive?

The mountain is famous for being called the "Mount of Doom" in the epic "Lord of The Rings" saga. Moreover, recent reports have indicated that the volcano is now active and is raising alert and awareness in the nearby regions. 

The "Mount of Doom" is called Mount Ruapehu and it is located in Tongariro National Park in New Zealand. According to Mashable, "The volcano, Mount Ruapehu in Tongariro National Park, is the largest active volcano in New Zealand and it hasn't erupted since 2007 but it now seems increasingly possible it will blow, and due to this, the alert level has been raised to the second highest level."

In "The Lord of the Rings," some scenes involved Mount Doom was filmed on the slopes of Mount Ruapehu, and in the trilogy, Mount Doom is represented mainly by Mount Ngauruhoe, a nearby volcano in the same region, reports the same post. Looking back, the story of Frodo revolved largely in Mount Doom in Mordor because it is the only place the Ring can be destroyed. It also unveiled the glorious mountain with its evil aura and is famously known as the final destination for the journey of the character Frodo Baggins.

It is undeniable that the epic memory of the "Lord of the Rings" still resonates today. The Mount of Doom is consistenly buzzing with tourist and "Lord of the Rings" enthusiasts, but since the volcanic activity rising, the warning has been given.

The volcanic activity has now been set to "moderate to heightened volcanic unrest," according to a post from GeoNet New Zealand. Also, since the temperature in the lake is now a consistent 45 degrees Celsius, this indicates that Ruapehu is seeing heightened volcanic activity in the region.

Even the renowened New Zealand volcanologist, Geoff Kilgour, affirmed of the rising volcanic activity and threat. Since there is a spike in temperature, people should reconsider coming near the mountain and trekking on it.

"Ruapehu has been on a level 1 alert for some time, but we had to raise that after the crater zone lake appeared to heat up very rapidly, a significant spike of 20 degrees in two weeks," Kilgour added. With that in mind, it stands to reason that "Lord of the Rings" Mount of Doom would once again roar and shake the grounds with its strength and unseen power, just like in the historical movie franchise.

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